Combined is RSVP Architecture Studio and N-Plus Design Studio: two distinct firms that began working jointly in 2009 as a way of forming a strategic alliance that would enable the offering of a broader range of services and expertise.

RSVP brings to the table its collaborative design process that explores the boundaries between architecture, art and the environment. While N-Plus’ strong sense of place is a reflection of the international background of the firm. The Combined design process is intimately connected with exploiting the qualities of materials and existing spaces, while carefully considering budget and function, not as obstacles, but as vehicles to a coherent result.

Architectural and Interior design are seamlessly Combined in a work-flow that avoids the dichotomies of multiple players, to keep the focus on a consistent language of the building shell and its interiors. 


AORE Holdings; Tamares US; Javeri Capital; LGBT Center of NY; GreenOak Real Estate; Stellar Management; The Cliffs Climbing; Kibel Companies; Jones Lang LaSalle; Capital Realty Investors; David Stark Design; Opera Gallery; Aesop; APC Clothing; Above Ground Collective; The Parlor NYC. 


At Combined we offer a wide spectrum of design services. From helping clients evaluate the potential of prospect properties through zoning analysis and massing studies all the way to providing marketing tools such as high quality renderings, offering plans and even selecting accessories in sales centers and model apartments.



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Brooklyn, NY 11201
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